What is it?

We are based in Physical Sciences Main lecture theatre. MP0.15.

Show & Tell is an informal event organised in collaboration with BCS Mid-Wales Branch, where students and staff members of the Aberystwyth University meet to talk about anything techy!

This December, Aberystwyth Robotics Club and BCS Mid-Wales Branch will team up to organise a Show & Tell with focus on robotics!

Fancy winning a £20 gift card?

All you need to do is present your amazing ideas for 2 minutes!

Topic: “How would you use a £20 Amazon voucher to send your Arduino to the moon?”


More info coming soon!

The duration of the event is from 4pm to 7pm

Time Speaker Topic
4:00 PM Welcome!
4:00 PM Stephen Fearn Beginners Group
4:10 PM Rowen Scutter
4:20 PM Gwyn Unity and VR
4:30 PM Fergus Sumo Robot
4:40 PM Iestyn Badger Camera
4:50 PM Henry and Lili Spider Robot
5:00 PM Sophie
5:10 PM Andrew Star Wars Mouse-Droid
5:20 PM Daniel Weather Station
————————————- ———————————— ————————————–
5:30 PM Pizza and Sumo Competition
5:50 PM
6:00 PM ORT Group Olympus Rover Trials
6:10 PM
Andy Rigid Frame
6:30 PM Valentin
Computer Science in High School vs Uni
6:45 PM Competition*
7:00 PM Event Closes