Raspberry Pi Workshop

Raspberry Pi

Beginners Raspberry Pi Project

Our last project with the beginners group before they embark on their own projects this September/October, involves the Raspberry Pi computers.

The project aims to give an insight into several different programming and scripting languages to result in controlling LEDs using a web interface.


Date Activity
6th February 2019 Introduction and Setup + Raspbian and UNIX
6th February 2019 Electronics + Wiring Pi and GPIO
13th February 2019 Wiring and GPIO
13st February 2019 Apache2 and HTML5
20th February 2019 Maze HTML5 and PHP
27th February 2019 Half Term (no meeting)
6th March 2019 Valiants and Posters
13th March 2019 Science Week
20th March 2019 Braille Translator
27th March 2019 Braille Translator
3rd April 2019 Morse Translator
10th April 2019 Morse Translator
17th April 2019 Easter Holidays (no meeting)
24th April 2019 Easter Holidays (no meeting)
1st May 2019 TBC
8th May 2019 TBC
15th May 2019 Last Session


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