Magician Chassis Workshop

Magician Chassis

Beginners Magician Chassis Project

Our first robotics project will be the Magician Chassis, these are little red robots which include 2 motors, an arduino and motor controller (H-Bridge), a Light dependant resistor and an ultrasonic sensor.


Date Activity
7th February 2018 Induction / Arduino
14th February 2018 Arduino Programming
21st February 2018 Half Term
28th February 2018 Build
7th March 2018 Build
14th March 2018 Science Week
21st March 2018 Electronics
28th March 2018 Programming
4th April 2018 Easter Holidays
11th April 2018 Easter Holidays
18th April 2018 Programming
25th April 2018 Programming
2nd May 2018 Competition Show and Tell


Red (Dual Tier) Build Chassis

Clear (Single Tier) Build Chassis

Red Motor Controller

Black Motor Controller

Red and Clear Magician Chassis Programming Worksheet

Click the button below to learn how to build, connect and program your Magician Chassis.