Last year our beginner roboteers used the Magician Chassis. This year they’ve stepped up and so has the level of the robot. Our new robots may look familiar, these ‘used’ to be Valiant Roamers used in 80’s and 90’s by schools etc. These were operated by giving the robot instructions via the touchpad on top.

Our Valiants are programmable using an Arduino Uno as a brain and have a variety of new sensors which the originals didn’t include, such as an ultrasonic sensor, a servo, two infrared sensors, wheel encoders, speaker, LED and LDR and the best of all…….an XBee. This means all ten of our Valiants can communicate with each other!

Magician Chassis 

For this section of the beginners course, we will build our first robot!Our first robotics project will be the Magician Chassis, these are little red robots which include 2 motors, an Arduino and motor controller (H-Bridge), a Light dependent resistor and an ultrasonic sensor.

This includes:

  1. Building the robot
  2. Connecting the electronics
  3. Programming the robot

There are two different styles of robots:

  • One will be the transparent, single tire known as Transparent Chassis
  • The other will be red, double tier robot known as Red Chassis.

Raspberry Pi Project 

Our last project with the beginners group before they embark on their own projects this September/October, involves the Raspberry Pi computers.

The project aims to give an insight into several different programming and scripting languages to result in controlling LEDs using a web interface.