Advanced Group

Below is a list of the available robot chassis and ideas that were mentioned during the meeting at the end of the beginners session on the 26th of April.

The ticks below state that the task needs to be done to make the robot work, no tick means the work has already been completed.

However you may consider creating a different robot! Most parts can be printed using our 3D printer, take a look at for ideas etc.

Some of the robot pictures can be found here

If you would like to share ideas or need advice, contact Steve at

Robot Name Description Hardware Software Difficulty 1-5
Henry Hoover Bot This is an Ardunio contolled Henry Hoover robot created for remote control and semi autonomous. This will be created from scratch. 3
Rocky This is a 3 wheel drive electric quad bike chassis, this will need the electronics updated and code created for autonomy and remote control. 5
Granny Gadget All hardware is done, advanced knowledge of coding is needed for GPS control of robot. 4
Pioneer All hardware is done, only programming is needed to allow the robot to solve mazes and act intelligently. 4
Sensor Board All hardware has been done, only programming is needed to join all the sensors. 3
Humanoid The humanoid is a small commercial bipedal robot, software needs to be created to make it move and dance etc. 3
Driverless Cars Hardware needs updating and software needs to be created. 4
Boat Hardware and software needs creating 5
Automated Window Monitoring System Hardware and software needs to be created to automate the opening and closing of a window. 3
Sumo bots Small robots for fighting other robots 3
TurtleBot 3 Burger Small chassis which is operated by a Raspberry Pi running Robotic Operating System (ROS) 5
Custom Robot Build Creating a custom robot build from scratch. This includes hardware and software 3